30 Jan 2011

The Black Swan

The Black Swan is such an awesome movie!! must watch of 2011
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26 Jan 2011

Inside Joanna Hillman’s apartment

Joanna_Hillman-19-fullJoanna_Hillman-03-fullJoanna_Hillman-02-full  Joanna_Hillman-05-full Joanna_Hillman-06-full Joanna_Hillman-07-full Joanna_Hillman-08-full Joanna_Hillman-09-full Joanna_Hillman-11-full Joanna_Hillman-18-full  Joanna_Hillman-21-full Joanna_Hillman-24-full

_the coveted

clean line

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21 Jan 2011

nude, patent and brogue

 I have already owned a few pairs of brogues, but I am sooooo tempted of getting this pair from asos, garrrrr, guilty pleasure
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18 Jan 2011

Melbourne food tour

this is probably a very non fashion related post, but other than fashion and home decor, eating (good food) is my (another) obsession, I always have difficulty in rating which is my number 1 obsession. so, for the Melbourne trip with my sister and my boyfriend, we ate literally all the time, We have done a bit of research rather than randomly choosing any place to eat, had THE BEST crepe and apple cider in town, went to vue de monde for a fine dinning, had a very different coffee experience, went to the little press club and saw George Calombaris from Master Chef, my sister was like a little fan. It was a great trip to start 2011 and I am back to the blogging platform.  
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sorry for the lack of update, went to a very short trip to Melbourne. I will surely make it up to you all very soon !!
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7 Jan 2011

seventh of Jan

one week has gone, 51 weeks left for 2011, don't forget the goals and commitments you made 7 days ago, make 2011 a much better year :)
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5 Jan 2011

3 Jan 2011

third of jan

  Jan_3 Jan_4
Got the maxi sheer skirt and the earrings awhile ago, still wondering when I am going to wear them.
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