27 Sep 2010

Sweet Heart Killer

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Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” -  Maria Robinson

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24 Sep 2010

What is the new black

my holiday is wasted. I was sick last night, spent the whole Thursday night and Friday whole day in bed. When I was starving at 3am this morning, I went to the fridge and opened a pack of truffle salami, when i realized its already expired for a month, I have already eaten half of the pack. GARRR

About my dream of wonderland post, I have no idea where the wonderful apartment is (I wish I know), I got the images from Freelancer
argh, my throat still hurts, I am sweating like a pig now, my fever is killing. 

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22 Sep 2010

Poppy Delevigne

In love with the Chanel boots

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21 Sep 2010

My dream of wonderland

I kept staring at these photos for last 15 minutes, wondering if this is for real.
 definitely everyone's dream apartment

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Rocking 56

Happy Birthday Carine !

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20 Sep 2010

Acne S/S 2011

all we have been waiting for since the start of fashion week

well done Richard Nicoll! 

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Topshop Unique S/S 2011

topshop unique goes straight into my top list of inspiration in SS2011, 
my most favorite outfit from the runway, is white the new black?
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18 Sep 2010

best thing come unexpected

YSL manifesto has been distributing over places around the world since last few days, I planned to get up early this morning to get a set, but then, laziness attack. Luckily enough, when I walked past Causeway Bay today, a lovely lady handed me one set. Did you get yours?
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Once in a life time

Coco and James' wedding back in few months. This is probably one of the sweetest wedding I have ever seen. Coco is such a sweet girl and James is a true gentlemen. A great video on Friday night with a cup of hot chocolate holding in my hand

17 Sep 2010

Beyond simplicity

I love when there is ONE item that make the outfit looks totally different. 
so much fashion updates, so little time. have a great weekend sweets
venessa jackman
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16 Sep 2010

Jimmy Choo x UGG

Although I am not a big fan of UGG, but maybe some of you are
for more information and pre-order, click here and here 

mid week inspiration

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