31 Aug 2010

Gap landed in Australia

First store has already landed in Melbourne Chadstone shopping center, 2nd store is landing in Sydney in October. 
Remember to check it out
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Zara opens a flagship store in Hong Kong International Airport

Zara opens a flagship store in Hong Kong International Airport
Shop: Passenger Terminal 1 - Near Departure Gate 15 & 19

Stay Real


30 Aug 2010

Alexa Chung

Now you can visit my 2nd blog


Camel coat


from top left: Chloe, Chloe, from bottom left: Chloe, MaxMara

– Real life inspiration – 

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29 Aug 2010

Saturday night love

After reading bareleopard on a Saturday night, I also want to share with you
10 things I like, love and obsess over:
1. fashion
2. travelling
3. inspiring photos
4. my bed
5. my bag and eveyrthing inside (see more)
6. friends, family and boyfriend
7. my laptop
8. brunch
9. nail polish
10. my dog (see more)

Have a happy Sunday love

Saturday morning bedroom inspiration


24 Aug 2010

HK fun

Sorry for disappearing in last few days, my very best friend came to HK
I had so much fun with her and I am missing her already.
Now I am looking forward to see this lovely person again.
Here are some photos for last few days. I am a HK tour guide =D

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18 Aug 2010

Alexa Chung


I want some

I have been chasing up with "The City" lately, and Olivia's accessories really caught my eyes
I love her cocktail ring and her red nail poilsh, she is a great inspiration
I really love her ASOS ring in the first photo.
Here are some jeweleries inspirations.

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16 Aug 2010

Monday energizers

Oh, its Monday again
Have a happy week sweets